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Website + service for the promotion of Android applications in Russia

   At the moment, in Russia there are a lot of different services to promote mobile applications through the Play Market or the App Store. But unfortunately people do not want to understand how this or that site works on the promotion of applications. The policy is simple:   I give money to specialists, they know better than me . But there are so many different unscrupulous resources that can not only show you a decent result, but also harm your application. For example, inexpensive resources that are taken to spin your application can take advantage of bot traffic, to pre-create activity. Such an action will often lead to a ban at the very best for your application, at worst you will be denied access to the mobile applications store. So how do you distinguish conscientious performers from those described above? There are several factors, one of which is the price. Understand one thing, promotion & mdash; This is a long and labor-consuming process, no one will do the work below the market price two or three times. With firms on promotion it is difficult to say, there the price depends very much on many factors, one of them is the workload of the personnel. But in general, the price tag of 150-200 thousand is quite adequate, with the site still + 50. In this case, the price tag is even small, I do not think that now someone will take up the full promotion for such a price, only if for one aspect of it.  

     Of course, even such a minimum  The price tag looks not justifiably large, especially when the same amount is spent on development. Now the services on the twisting of live traffic have become very popular. This is done in order to reach the chart of novelties, stores are very fond of applications, to which people show high interest in the first 2-3 days. For live traffic, an adequate price can be considered 3-4 rubles, depending on the task. Of course, the price of 30-50 kopecks should not be considered, it's cheating by a bot. & Nbsp; Really quality service can be considered: www.качай.com. Wrapping live traffic, with an adequate price. It is not necessary to overpay for advertising, but also to lead on cheap variants too it is not necessary.